Siam Ball Sport Factory Co., Ltd.

Established in 1970 located in Samutprakan, about 20 KM. from Bangkok. The factory covered an area of 5 acres including two buildings: One 4 storeyed building covered 85M X 20M with Bladder, Carcass, Lamination, Machine Stitched Ball, Boxing Equipment & Packing section. One 2 storeyed building covered 85M X 20M with rubber ball section and office. There are 650 employees in the factory. Our main products are;


Regular Rubber & Cellular Rubber:

Basketball, Soccer Ball, Volleyball, American Football, Hand Ball, Netball, Rugbyball, Water-Polo, Playground Ball, Techer Ball.


Soccer Ball, Volleyball, Basketball, Hand Ball.

Machine Stitched Ball:

Soccer Ball, Volleyball.

Boxing Equipment:

Boxing gloves, Bag gloves, Punching bag as well as other Boxing Equipments.


All products are identified by quality control (QC) & ISO. To meet with the changing demand in market, we upgrade the products regularly, not only innovating in techniques, but also excellent art designed products and they can be compared with the famous brand in the world. Because of good quality and the best price, our products are selling on large scale in domestic market as well as foreign market such as USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Middle America, Europe, Africa, South Africa, Middle East, Oceania as well as Asian countries.